Attendance Record for Legal Tech Essentials

Get a document that lists your participation in Legal Tech Essentials.

PDF Attendance Record

Please note: Our Attendance Record is NOT an academic credential by Bucerius Law School. It is issued through Bucerius Law School's Executive Education subsidiary, Bucerius Education GmbH.

If you use the Attendance Record to apply for CLE credits or similar with your local bar/professional asssociation, please note that we cannot guarantee any form of recognition. However, the Attendance Record outlines the titles and lecturers of each webinar and we are happy to answer questions that your bar/professional association might have.

You can purchase the attendance record at any time during the program, and you can buy it regardless of how many webinars you attended.

Please note that ONLY attendance via Zoom in our live webinar counts towards the attendance record. Watching the recordings or watching through YouTube does not count towards your attendance. To be able to track attendance it is of vital importance that you use the same email address for all Zoom meetings and when purchasing the attendance record.

What's included

  • A list of webinars that you participated in

  • Participation times (i.e. how long you were in the webinar)


If you have questions about the Attendance Record, our team is happy to help.